What is Digital Marketing | Benefits of Digital Marketing 2024

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What is Digital Marketing | Benefits of Digital Marketing 2024-2025

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What is Digital Marketilng?

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Digital Marketing Tutorial as the name itself suggests, is a type of marketing. Digital is attached with it, it means doing online marketing using digital and gadgets. In changing times, the way of doing all the work is changing. Two words have been used here. Both the words are very popular words.

What is Digital?

Here digital means computer and internet which is an electronic device. Like food and clothing, computer and internet have also become a necessity. In today’s time, we all need Internet Connection and Mobile or Laptop. Something seems incomplete without internet. Today, it is because of the internet that you and I are meeting on this website.

What is Marketing?

Hindi meaning of marketing is marketing. But even such pure Hindi is not understood. You all must know the meaning of Marketing. Marketing means conveying information about products or services to consumers. Some people understand marketing to mean selling. It is not like that at all. But some companies get the sales work done by marketing people only. The roles of both Marketing and Sales are different.

Promoting products or services with the help of computer and Internet is called Digital Marketing. In this it is very easy to target the target customer. In offline advertisements like News Paper, Handbill, Hoardings, the company sees its ad. But in digital, only the target customer sees the ad.

Why Digital Marketing?

With digital marketing, you get better results at less expense and you can also track the advertisement campaign. In today’s time, people are short of time. In such a situation, one does not pay attention to the advertisement posted in hoarding or news parer. This is the reason for the existence of Digital Marketing. With time everyone is becoming online and also wants to be online. Everyone is using computers and Internet for their work. There are many reasons behind people being online and using the internet.

  • Information about new Product, Service, Place, Institute
  • To answer your question on a topic
  • for education
  • Matrimonial Help
  • Job Vacancies
  • New Business Idea
  • Advertise Idea
  • Online Business
  • Mobile Recharge and Bill Payment
  • Train Reservation
  • Product Sale Purchase
  • Real Estate
  • Banking
  • Nearme
  • Services Enquiry
  • Market Research
  • Insurance
  • Crypto currency
  • Cricket
  • Make Money Online
  • Promotion

Apart from this, there are many other works due to which users are going online. Please tell in the comments why you are online. Going digital saves both time and money. It is also very effective for Small Business Promotion.

Benefits of Digital Marketing 2024

Marketing is done in two ways. First traditional and second modern, both are effective at their place. Digital marketing is more useful than traditional marketing due to the following reasons

  • Is economical.
  • Its results are good.
  • Related customers can be easily targeted.
    It is easy to monitor it.
  • This is very useful for branding.
  • It is easy to take feedback from customers.
  • Converts inquiry to sale quickly and easily.
    Reduces overall expenses.
  • Making reports is easy.

What needs to be done for digital marketing

how to do digital marketing

For this it is necessary to have knowledge of website and SEO. When people started going online, they started becoming dependent on the Internet for their daily work and some information. In such a situation, product and service provider companies started online advertising for customers. This is a very effective weapon for free business promotion. It is free to say the least. but it’s not like that. For this you have to give time, High Speed Internet Connection is required. Those who have time do it themselves, those who do not have time or knowledge, they hire SEO Professionals.

There are many institutes to teach SEO (Search Engine Optimization) but it is impossible to know it unless you work on a live project. One is to know about SEO. One thing is experience. Experience is gained only after working. If there is any problem in SEO then read the blog written in SEO category of this blog. I hope you will also become a good SEO professional.

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